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Teknofest 2022 – Chip Design Contest

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology competitions, a Chip Design Competition is organized by TÜTEL.

The aim of the Chip Design Competition is to increase students' interest in micro-electronic technologies and to improve their abilities in this field.

The competition will be organized under two categories: 

  • Digital Design Category
  • Analog Design Category

Undergraduate and Graduate students can participate in the competition individually or as a team. Teams can have a maximum of 4 people.

Apart from the information given in the specification, for other questions you want to ask about the competition, you must be a member of the relevant mail group from the CHIP DESIGN COMPETITION GROUP link. The questions you will ask and the answers to these questions will be open for other members of the mailing group to see.

Within the scope of the competition, teams are expected to prepare 2 reports, a Preliminary Design Report and a Detail Design Report, a project demo where they will show their projects, and a final presentation. A pre-selection will be made as a result of the Preliminary Design Report and the teams that will qualify for the competition will be determined as a result of the Detail Design Report. 

Contest Application Deadline March 14!

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