BEYOND5 (SOI Technologies) ECSEL Project

BEYOND5 aims to build a European supply chain on Radio Frequency SOI technology, enabling new RF uses for sensing, communication, 5G radio and more. This technology project aims to enable the manufacture of highly innovative components in Europe, demonstrate the user-level value chain of these components in six different areas, and strengthen the design ecosystem in Europe.

BEYOND5's main goal is to develop the three main SOI silicon technologies (ST-RFSOI65, ST-FDSOI28, GF-FDSOI22) and demonstrate that these technologies can be used in select areas. In order to highlight the benefits of SOI technologies, six different demonstrations are planned with real application models close to operational radio systems. These six demonstrations are structured around the four main application areas: IoT, V2X, 5G and Sensors.

Within the scope of the project, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM will focus on components such as ADC, PLL, mixer, LNA, filters, digital predistortion and source modulator to identify and design receiver path sub-blocks. These subblocks will be fabricated and validated using 65 nm RF-SOI technology.

BEYOND5 is an important step towards making a major contribution to the development of RF technologies in Europe. The project lays an important foundation for providing innovative solutions in the RF field and developing the wireless communication systems of the future by creating an RFSOI-based European supply chain.


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